Crezia Covington Reed Lotus Garden | Virginia Beach | Virginia

On Saturday, July 14th, after completing failing to rise and catch sunrise while in Virginia Beach, visiting friends and relatives. I proposed to drive about 17 miles in my silver Ford Focus to photograph a nearby garden, the Lotus Garden. It was in the neighborhood of Sandbridge Beach, adjacent to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and just off Sandbridge Rd. 

Arrived at my chosen location, I parked my vehicule, stepped out, and set up my tripod with my camera mounted on top. A few minutes later, Kevin pulled up in a salsa-red truck with one of the most contagious and joyful attitudes I had seen that morning. After exchanging pleasantries for a few minutes, Kevin shared a few memories of his time in Europe, photographing beautiful waterfalls, and rejoicing about his years serving in the U.S. Navy.

Then with an upbeat optimism, Kevin said, he had just bought his summery-orange kayak with the harmonizing green paddle. "I had photographed the Lotus from afar for quite some time now", he said. "Now I am ready to document them close-up. This is very exciting." He added, seating in the cockpit of his new kayak. He smoothly propelled himself with his double-bladed paddle into the bay to photograph the Virginia Beach's Official Flower, "The American Lotus".


Grezia Covington Reed The Lotus Garden, Virginia Beach, Virginia.